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Holiday Time Is Upon us



Blue Portal has an inventory that increases almost daily - perfect for gifts, decor, thoughtful remembrances and personal delight

100% of the price goes to the artist and the staff is all Assistance League Volunteers a philanthropic program of ALA - there is no tax!!!




On to Halloween, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving and of course the December Holidays!!


Inventory changes often and these are frequently one-of-a-kind items.  Be sure to stop by as you stroll Old Town and enjoy the "vibe" of one of the cities oldest neighborhoods.  All inventory is made by individuals-not factory pieces.  As such, many are one of a kind.  Buy local and buy unique.  None of this is available on Amazon, not a factory piece in inventory, everyday is Black Friday as our prices cannot be beat, no tax as we are a philanthropic program and the artist receives 100% of the price - staff is all volunteer.

Blue Portal features the work of Albuquerque's creative seniors.  The shop offers a wide spectrum of unique well priced handmade items.  At present, Blue Portal features the works of more than 450 New Mexico artists. 


NO SHIPPING - sorry but it has become impossible.  

Sculpture Horseshoe Cactu
Size: 7x11

Sculpture Horseshoe Cactu, Black, Size: 7x11 Learn More

Corn Maiden Wood/leather

Corn Maiden Wood/leather, Multi8x3, Size: None Learn More

Corn Maiden Leather
Size: 10x2

Corn Maiden Leather, Multi, Size: 10x2 Learn More

NK SS Pendant 4 RND Turq
Size: 18

NK SS Pendant 4 RND Turq, SS/Turq, Size: 18 Learn More

Size: 20

Coral/ShellWHeartPendant, CoralSS, Size: 20 Learn More

BowlW/Red Reindeer
Size: 4

BowlW/Red Reindeer, RedWht, Size: 4 Learn More

ER SS Buttercup Dangle
Size: 1

ER SS Buttercup Dangle, SS, Size: 1 Learn More

ER SS Rose
Size: .5

ER SS Rose, SS, Size: .5 Learn More

Tall Jar W/lid
Size: 5x2.5

Tall Jar W/lid, Purple, Size: 5x2.5 Learn More

Happy Camper W/BirdHouse
Size: 10x7

Happy Camper W/BirdHouse, Trq/Wht, Size: 10x7 Learn More

Wall Hanging Geo. Pastels
Size: 18.5x22.5

Wall Hanging Geo. Pastels, Pastels, Size: 18.5x22.5 Learn More

Gnome Acorn Hat
Size: 5

Gnome Acorn Hat, Brownish, Size: 5 Learn More